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Felted Journal Covers

I make these journal covers with hand dyed 19 micron Merino tops. The hand dyed lengths of yarn are carefully combined on my high set felting table and slowly turned into felt. The felting process is quite lengthy as each cover may receive up to 1,000 hand rollings during the process. The covers are decorated with bead embroidery and free form embroidery and then carefully sewn up to create a removable cover. Each cover is unique in design. Each journal cover is then filled with a ready to write in journal. The journals come in two sizes – A4 and A5. Both lined and art diaries are suitable insertions. Each journal is sold with a journal inserted, ready to be used. Each completed journal features an inbuilt uniquely designed beaded page divider so you can always open up your journal to the correct page.  Shipping is subsidised on these lovely covers and their contents.

Shipping is subsidised.