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Hand Dyed Wool

Custom designed and hand dyed bulk wool bundles. I mostly hand dye Australian Merino 8 ply wool. Each design takes all day to carefully dye. The bundles are left overnight to complete the dyeing process. Next day, the bundles are washed and rinsed in several rinses of pure rainwater. The bundles are conditioned and then set to dry. The drying process usually takes around 2 days to complete.

Each bulk wool bundle is unique in design which is the real joy of the indie dyeing process. Please ensure you purchase sufficient quantity for your project as I cannot replicate the colourway.

I also hand dye “sock yarn” which is a mixture of 80% Merino and 20% nylon. This yarn goes through the same time consuming process.

Please consult the FAQ section on this site for information on how to wash and care for your woollens.

All my designs are made with care and joy to the heart.