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Felt Paintings - Ready to Hang

I hand dye Australian Merino tops and work these into felt.  I only use archival quality acid dyes when dyeing the wool in the summer months of every year. The felting process involves between 1,000 and 1,200 hand rollings – a lot of hard work.  Free form bead and hand embroidery, textile paint and embellishments are added after the felted “canvas” has been created.  A lot of embroidery threads of a great variety are used in each painting.  I dip into my massive embroidery thread stash for each painting.  These paintings take from two to four weeks to create after the lengthy design process is worked out.  These contemporary felt paintings are all one of a kind art and are mounted on finished black canvas.  The textile surface has been treated with UV textile protectant. These paintings are shipped with subsidised postage.  All these paintings will be exhibited at the end of this year, if they have not already sold in the meanwhile.

All the paintings are ready to hang or gift to someone you have in your life who appreciates the intrinsic value of textile art.