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Hand Dyed Wool


“Spring Meadow”

***Limited edition bundles available for a short time only.

Hand dyed cake yarn. Approximately 500 grams of 100% Merino wool, presented as 5 cakes of 100 grams each. 8 ply wool. The centre of each cake contains a gentle grass green that gives way to a cream flecked background that is increasingly taken over by shades of jade green. Just lovely. The jade green darkens towards the edge. You can either centre pull this cake and knit/crochet from there or you can start from the side. The choice is yours to make.

This is a one of a kind batch. Soft, squishy yarn that took me two days to dye up in this limited edition batch.

Please note: there may be a couple of knots in this wool. I have left the knots in place so you can decide where you wish to cut and join.


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