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Blue Jasper Necklace Set


For the lovers of blue, this necklace and earring set is hard to pass up. The lovely blue semi precious Sea Sediment Jasper presents with an intricate range of webbing throughout each graduated drop pendant. I have added semi precious Howlite beads in between each pendant and have finished up the arms of the necklace with synthetic Turquoise rondelles. The magnetic clasp is very easy to use. Simply slide the clasp sides in the opposite direction to break the magnetism and the clasp easily opens up. To close the clasp, simply bring each hemisphere together and the magnets will attract each other. The earrings each contain one Howlite bead at the bottom and three synthetic turquoise rondelles that match the necklace arms exactly. The design is light, fresh and modern and would suit any occasion wear.

The necklace itself measures approximately 55.5 centimeters in length – approximately 22 inches in the old scale.

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