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Amethyst Necklace


Purple and pink necklace. Elegant and timeless style, yet minimalist in design. The bulk of this beautiful necklace is comprised of Amethyst semi precious stones.  The pinkish/purple larger beads in the central clustered dangling formation is Jade. Added bling has been added in between the Jade beads in the form of AB rondelles which positively catch the light and an appreciative eye. I have graduated the central focal.  The clasp is a very easy to manipulate magnetic affair. To open the clasp, never, ever pull the clasp apart as this will ruin the integrity of the finding over time.  To under the clasp, simply slide one half one way and the other half the other way and the magnetic field breaks easily.  To do up the necklace, simply bring both halves of the clasp together and the magnetic field will do the rest.  Simplicity of use.  The necklace itself measures approximately 54 centimeters in length – approximately 21 inches in the old scale.

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