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Australian felt art “Shoal”. “An ever shifting sandy shoal that sits between two conflicting currents.   This tidal shoal exists near our house which is close to Bass Strait, that dangerous body of water that separates mainland Australian states from Tasmania.  “Shoal” is much like life at times. We are conflicted in major decisions at various junctures of our lives and when this happens, procrastination can very easily sneak in and paralyse rational thought and decision making. so that we are stuck in the one place, unable to move on.

INGREDIENTS:  Hand dyed 19 micron Australian Merino tops using quality Australian acid dyes.  Dry embellisher machine felted.  Dry needle felted.  Free form bead embroidery using a variety of threads and metallic coated Japanese seed beads. Also contains Angelina fibre and viscose for added sparkle and hand dyed silk throwsters waste (by product of the silk industry).   Set on a hand dyed cotton scrim background.  The metallic seed beads stand out with their shimmer.

SIZE:  33 cms high, 33 cms wide – includes backing board and laser cut frame.  Ready to frame under glass.

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