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Billabong Song – SOLD

“The silence of the billabong is only interrupted by the overwhelmingly loud cicada song in late summer.  This year, the autumnal change is already occuring, creating wonderfully muted textures in the background.”

INGREDIENTS:  Hand dyed 19 micron Australian Merino tops using quality Australian acid dyes.  Hand dyed Mawata silk hankies (stretched cocoons), hand dyed silk throwster’s waste. Angelina fibre.  Hand felted.  Dry embellisher machine felted incorporating cotton scrim overlay.  Free form bead work and free form hand embroidery.  Constructed to permit the hand dyed cotton scrim to undulate to represent the gentle summer breeze.

SIZE:  35.5 cms high, 28 cms wide – includes backing board and laser cut frame.  Ready to frame under glass.