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The inlet appears benign but is fraught with dangerous currents during tidal changes.  Still waters run deep in the channels but they bely the dangers below.  This lovely autumn day is still, permitting the constant roar of the surf coming in from Bass Strait and pounding the peninsula with an eternal resonance.  A tang of salt in the air means the winds will change and disrupt the serenity of the inlet surface by tomorrow.  Seize the moment.  Seize the day.  Seize life.

Hand dyed Merino, handmade felt, silk throwster’s waste, silk slub, Japanese seed bead embroidery, freeform hand embroidery.  Canvas size: 50 x 40 cms.  Actual felt component size measures approximately 37 x 34 cms.

Finished felt painting has been mounted on black, sealed canvas with D-rings and wire for ease of hanging.  This painting is slated for an art exhibition later this year, if it does not sell in the meantime via this website.


This work has been treated with UV fabric protectant.  Do not hang this work in a bright or sunny room.  Do not hang this work in a damp environment.  To clean, simply spray with canned air in short bursts to remove any surface dust.  A gentle flick with a feather duster on occasion will assist to keep this work dust free if you do not have canned air.  Do not handle the felt work itself.

SHIPPING:  This painting has subsidised shipping attached.

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