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The last vestiges of winter snow are still visible on the south facing rough terrain.  However, hope lies just beyond in the sun filled valley around this mountain.  Much like life, hope is always a feature that is essential in life if one is to press on.  The painting is multi layered and I have manipulated the qualities of hand dyed cotton scrim to appear in parts. I have also embellished this one of a kind painting with textile paint, though this has been achieved in an extremely subtle manner.  This painting took four days to lay out and two weeks to embroider for a truly unique piece of art that lovers of the countryside will appreciate.  This painting will be included in an upcoming art exhibition if it does not sell in the meanwhile.  There is subsidised postage available on this painting.

The finished felt painting has been mounted on black, sealed canvas with D-rings and wire for ease of hanging.  This painting is slated for an art exhibition later this year, if it does not sell in the meantime via this website.


This work has been treated with UV fabric protectant.  Do not hang this work in a bright or sunny room.  Do not hang this work in a damp environment.  To clean, simply spray with canned air in short bursts to remove any surface dust.  A gentle flick with a feather duster on occasion will assist to keep this work dust free if you do not have canned air.  Do not handle the felt work itself.

(Hand dyed Merino, hand made felt, hand dyed cotton scrim, felted embellishments, bead embroidery, freeform hand embroidery using a variety of thread varieties.  Canvas size:  46 x 46 cms.  Actual painting size, approximately 37 x 36 cms

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