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A rare moment of intensity of colour that leaves me speechless.  Rich hues that ripple through the shimmering water are a mere reflection of the evening sky.  In the distance the turquoise shimmer of the deeper water manifests within a brief moment that can easily be missed.  We must stop and see beyond what lies at our feet.  We must simply slow down, look and see and appreciate the brevity of natural beauty.  Put down that addictive, time eating technology for a while, look, listen and appreciate reality.  Start conversing with each other on a face to face level.

The finished felt painting has been mounted on black, sealed canvas with D-rings and wire for ease of hanging.  This painting is slated for an art exhibition later this year, if it does not sell in the meantime via this website.


This work has been treated with UV fabric protectant.  Do not hang this work in a bright or sunny room.  Do not hang this work in a damp environment.  To clean, simply spray with canned air in short bursts to remove any surface dust.  A gentle flick with a feather duster on occasion will assist to keep this work dust free if you do not have canned air.  Do not handle the felt work itself.

SHIPPING:  This painting has subsidised shipping attached.

(Hand dyed Merino, hand made felt, hand dyed cotton scrim, bead embroidery, freeform hand embroidery, metallic and general embroidery threads, Japanese seed beads, felted embellishments.  Canvas size:  40 x 30 cms.)


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