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Hand Dyed Wool


“Another visit to a beautiful heritage rose country garden I once cultivated. The scent of these magnificent blooms has never been forgotten and I suspect neither had the taste as our resident possum Blanche who used to live down the library chimney and produced two babies a year for the six years of her brief life with us, would emerge from the chimney in the evening and visit this beautiful garden and systematically flat top all the bushes from the convenience of the fence. This same plump and adorable creature used to also sit in the olive tree near our bedroom French doors some nights and eat the semi ripe olives, all the while throwing the stones to the ground with gay abandon whilst giving me the usual low pitched and extremely powerful warning hiss to keep my inquisitive distance. Epicurean tastes ranging from highly scented to incredibly sour.”

Special listing of 10 hanks of hand dyed speckle yarn. Created due to clients’ requests for larger quantities for bigger projects. All dyed at the same time over the course of an entire day and a half to make a lovely self contained batch. This batch contains a variety of rose colours, ranging from the deep burgundy through to a very light pink. Greens are scattered sparingly throughout, leaving the star attention on the multitudes of pinks. Whilst I have created this as a discreet batch, each hank is unique.

Hand dyed yarn hanks. Approximately 1008 grams in total of 100% Merino wool. 8 ply wool. A combined length of approximately 1674 metres presented as ten hanks in total.

Soft, squishy yarn in this limited edition batch with a lot of different base dyes used to create this set and another two days to fully dry in clean country air after washing in rainwater.

Each jumbo pack batch I create has a pricing variance due to yarn base pricing differentials I face when I purchase.

There may be a couple of tiny knots in this wool. Some hanks have a couple of knots, other hanks have none at all. I have left the knots in place so you can decide whether you cut and join in a row of work or cut and rejoin at the beginning or end of a row.

Lay out the hanks side by side to see the colour variances and then work out your intended plan of knitting, crochet or weaving. Alternatively, mix up the hanks at random. Alternate hanks to create a more even spread of colour as these hanks are unique within their own right but part of a batch dye lot that is unique.

Forget the chocolates and flowers; they don’t last. Give a gift that will give joy to the maker in your life. Giftwrapping available alongside a lovely original photographic card. Please ask.

(4mm needles, approximately 168 meters of wool in each hank, 10 x10 cm square swatch – 20 stitches x 28 rows)


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