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Hand Dyed Wool


“The Shallows”

“The shallow level in the ocean where the bright sunlit blues and turquoise tones are still visible. Just off the shoreline in the cool Southern Ocean waters. At this level, the blues are quite light in tone, compared to where the waters deepen.”

Specially designed and prepared three hank bundle of Australian Merino wool. 8 ply wool in 100 gram hanks. There are ten hanks in total, yielding 1000 grams (1 kilogram) of wool. Lovely soft Australian Merino wool. There is a combined length of approximately 1730 metres in this one of a kind bundle. Careful colour selection and placement in this batch with colour bleed permitted to create even more tonal values that I had to capture after considering the deep gutter near the shoreline.

This is a lighter blue and turquoise version of “Five Fathoms” wool bundle.

8 Ply Australian Merino wool – 22 stitches over a 10cm swatch using 4.00mm needles. Yield: 400m per 100g hank; total of 1730m in this batch.

Alternate hanks every few rows to even out any colour variations as this is one of a kind hand dyed wool. Even though this batch was dyed in one shot, there are variations between each hank as is the pleasant nature of hand dyed wool. If you knit or crochet each hank one after the other, you will have distinct blocks of colour variations. By alternating hanks every few rows, this obvious colour variation will lessen. The choice is yours. A lovely wool to knit, crochet or weave which will give a great variety of colour flecks throughout your project due to the placement of colour in the hand dyeing process.

Two full days to dye each lot. Hand washed in rainwater and conditioned dyeing process. Three days to fully dry.


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