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Hand Felted Journal #5



Hand dyed 19 micron count Merino wool tops (“roving”) using quality, colour fast acid dyes.  Handmade felt created over a morning.  Felt has been washed, conditioned and dried before creating unique bead weaving, bead embroidery and freeform hand embroidery on each cover.  The covers are removable so you can swap out the full diary for a new one.  Each design is unique and will not be repeated again as my studio specializes in one of a kind design in everything I design and create. This journal accepts A4 size replacement journals or art diaries.

This journal contains a feint ruled 240 page journal insert which can easily be swapped out to suit.  This design also has a built in beaded page divider.  This journal also has a large ball shaped rhinestone studded magnetic clasp closure.

HOW TO USE THE CLASP:  Please do not pull apart the hemispheres of the ball magnetic clasp as this may ruin the device.  To open the magnetic clasp, simply hold each hemisphere in your finger tips and gently slide each half apart.  The sliding process will easily break the magnetic field and the clasp will open very easily.  To close the clasp, simply bring the two clasp halves together and the magnetic field will do the rest.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Handle with care and do not drop the covers on the ground.  The covers are not washable due to the bead and free form embroidery.

Shipping Australia wide is capped at $10.00 and shipping to the USA is capped at $28.00.

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