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High Country Spring


“A stunning part of the year in our Alpine high country where one can see vestiges of snow on the high peaks, followed by a riotous abundance of spring colour in lower elevations.  The dips in the higher up peaks are full of shimmery clouds that have been captured by the landscape until the day warms up ever so briefly to shift these colder air masses on; only to return in the late afternoon when another freezing cold night envelopes this harsh but beautiful landscape.”

INGREDIENTS:  Hand dyed 19 micron Australian Merino tops using quality Australian acid dyes, viscose tops, hand dyed hand spun Australian Merino wool.  Hand felted inclusions on top of dry embellisher machine felted incorporating hand dyed cotton scrim overlay.  Free form hand embroidery using a variety of metallic and hand dyed threads.

SIZE:  35.5 cms high, 28 cms wide – includes backing board and laser cut frame.  Ready to frame under glass.


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