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Indie Dyed Merino Tops


Indie dyed roving for weaving, spinning up, felting, knitting or crochet. 100% Australian non mulesed Merino wool. Ethically sourced product that I have turned into this marvellous “colour cake” of roving, ready for a multitude of fibre crafts. Gently kettle dyed over an entire day to produce one single cake. Weight is approximately 108 grams. 22 micron count.

This roving is unique in colour and design. More experimenting with dyes to create a wonderfully warm colourway, starting off with crimson red centre that I have gradually lightened off further along. The outer rings are a salmon pink colour with some subtle peach undertones to add visual interest. Definitely a colourway for the spinner or weaver who appreciates stand out colours.

All my rovings are one of a kind creations. Each roving you see here takes four days to make from start to finish.

Split up the roving lengthways into thinner strips and spin these up. Match each stripped length or turn each one around to vary the colourway. Cake up the finished spun hank and spin from the outside and center of the ball at the same time to create a 108 gram hank of two ply wool. Consider plying the finished spun roving with another colour of fibre texture to increase the thickness and weight of this roving. A versatile product.


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