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Kaleidescope Beaded Cuff

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Unique bead embroidery cuff for the person who appreciates individuality. As with all my designs, this is a one of a kind cuff.  Whilst the embroidery may see random, this cannot be further from the truth. Each bead has been considered for its form, texture and colour; much like I consider the next pastel stick for my pastel paintings. Same agonising and time consuming process; different media.
Loads of vintage acrylic German cabochons, along with a large central green semi precious Magnesite cabochon. There are colours and textures everywhere on this unique cuff.  Even the edging stitches are combined into different colour groupings. Freshwater pearls, Czech seed beads, fire polished faceted beads, turquoise and metallic cube beads are just some of the stars in this beaded frenzy.  “Kaleidoscope Cuff” measures 21 centimeters (just under 8 1/2 inches) from end to end on the outside. The cuff measures 6.3 centimeters (just under 2 1/2 inches in width) at the largest part. I have a 6 3/4 inch wrist and this cuff fits nicely. There is some flexibility in the metal blank core though.The back of the cuff is finished with that lovely, velvety smooth ultra suede. The border has been hand stitched too with seed beads for a neat finish. I have used a brass blank as the inner foundation for this cuff so it keeps its shape nicely.   Another unique presentation from Jane Bari Design that has no written patterns available.

HOW TO PUT ON THIS CUFF:  Simply slide the cuff onto your wrist from a sideways position.  Then give your wrist a little jiggle to settle the cuff in place.  The cuff will not fall off your wrist due to its rigid structure.

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