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Mawata Silk “Hankies”


Mawata silk hankies for multi media applications. Hand dyed over the course of a day. Mulberry silk created from silkworm cocoons that have been stretched out to become gossamer thin.
A lovely fibre to use in a lot of textile applications such as knitting, spinning, crochet work, incorporating into a weaving project, felting and even onto the canvas for mixed media art and paper making projects. I use these in felting work as they crinkle up nicely when the felting is shrunk.

Hand dyed with quality Australian made dyes.  (21.04 grams)

This unique colourway is “2 Fathoms” which contains a variety of blues I combined over the course of a day to achieve this unique colourway.

I use latex gloves when handling Mawata as it catches on any rough skin.  The latex gloves stop this happening.


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