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A lovely hand made wet and dry felted scarf for the person who appreciates a dark background with pops of colour.  Hand dyed Australian Merino tops.  Hand made wet felt embellished with dry felt techniques.  Hand spun wool has been added to this creation.  I hand dye all my Merino tops for my work in both kettle style and pan style.  The hand dyeing takes days to achieve.  This is a unique design as with all my creations.  The scarf measures approximately 180 centimeters in length ( and approximately 28-35 centimeters in width.  I have averaged out the scarf width as it varies due to its lovely organic edge  I have created an undulating border in this organic design.

This is a unisex design that will appeal to wearers who appreciate a one of a kind hand made creation. The main colour focus on this lovely scarf is the hand dyed Mawata (stretched silk cocoons) hankies as they are known.  I used several colourways in the silk.  The silk took a couple of days to fully dye up in a separate process.  The other embellishment is some hand dyed, hand spun Merino wool, along with some hand dyed Merino tops (sliver). The background is almost black which is an excellent counterfiol for the decorative element.  The creation weighs in at approximately 141 grams; making this a very lightweight yet warm element to your wardrobe.  Buy Australian made.


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