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Hand Dyed Wool


“Beyond Broken Hill”

“Early morning and the desert air is still very cold. There is a unique crisp silence in this part of the world. Everything is totally silent. I can hear buzzing in my ears. There are small animal and snake prints in the red earth amongst the spinifex grasses. The cold blue sky is retreating for yet another gloriously sunny day to follow and as the darkness retreats, the splendid colours are revealed. Time stands still and nothing else matters except taking in the beautiful colours in the landscape.”

Specially designed and prepared ten (10) hank bundle of Australian Merino wool. 8 ply wool in 100 gram hanks with a total yield of 1000 grams (1 kilogram). Lovely soft Australian Merino wool. There is a combined length of approximately 1730 metres in this one of a kind bundle. Careful colour selection and placement in this batch with colour bleed permitted to create even more tonal values that I had to capture after seeing the desert landscape.


8 Ply Australian Merino wool – 22 stitches over a 10cm swatch using 4.00mm needles.

Yield:  total of 1730m in this batch.


Alternate hanks every few rows to even out any colour variations as this is one of a kind hand dyed wool. A lovely wool to knit, crochet or weave which will give a great variety of colour flecks throughout your project due to the placement of colour in the hand dyeing process.


Two full days to dye each lot. Hand washed in rainwater and conditioned dyeing process. Three days to fully dry.



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