workroom gallery

A brief collection of photographs of the most important room in the house. This colour filled space is where I spend a good chunk of the year. This room brings joy to my heart. You will enjoy some of my art on the walls if you do this. All art in my workroom is for sale at commission free prices. Buying directly from me means you can save up to 48% on conventional gallery commission prices. I also provide a 5% discount on paintings for people who visit my studio and shop. This discount is only available for in-house shopping and not online.

Click on the images to bring them up to full size. Click on the left hand arrow on top of your computer screen to return to my workroom. If you are considering purchasing any framed paintings and need close up of images, please contact me through this website to organise some close up photographs or, better still, book a visit. There is no obligation to purchase anything during a visit either. I am happy to open my work space to all visitors.