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Hand Dyed Wool


“Desert Blooms”

“I created this design and colourway after looking at photographs of our trip across the desert from one state to another. The rich red of Sturt’s Desert Pea flowers were an absolute delight against the ore rich rust coloured earth. The colour is so beautiful and quite varied with loads of speckles throughout. I have added other complimentary colours in this creation, along with some subtle blues to represent the last vestiges of water as the desert dries out again. The wildflowers have a very short but spectacular life. Once you see Sturts Desert Pea flowers blooming, you will never forget.”

2 x 400 gram hanks of indie dyed speckle yarn. A whopping 800 meters of fingering/sock yarn in each hank. In this batch of two hanks, the total wool length is 1600 metres. 75% Merino wool that has been cut with 25% nylon; making this hank suitable for sock knitting. Also very suitable for light shawls and shrugs etc as you won’t find this colourway in the shops at all.

Indie hand dyed wool hanks. 100% Australian Merino, non mulesed wool. Ethically sourced here in Australia. 4 ply in Australian terms. Beautiful soft, squishy wool. Have a look at the last photograph of a hank I twisted up so you can see how much wool you receive per hank.

A recent review I received by a lovely lady who purchased this wool had this to say:
“So lovely. This is amazingly soft and pretty. The softest wool I’ve ever felt.”

This is an indie dyed batch of speckle yarn with excellent colour bleed. I have spent an entire day in producing these two hanks with a complete overnight resting before proceeding with the process. I take my time with this process to ensure a quality end product.

This listing is for two hanks.


Alternate using hanks every couple of rows to disperse the colourway.

Please refer to the FAQ’s below for further information on my processes, etc. Thank you very much.


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