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A lovely hand made wet and dry felted wrap for the person who loves perennially popular poppies.  I usually paint poppies with acrylics but I also have an enduring passion to create felted works with this beautiful flower.   Hand dyed Merino tops.  Hand made wet felt embellished with dry felting techniques. I hand dye all my Merino tops for my work in both kettle style and pan style.  The hand dyeing takes days to achieve.  This is a unique design that will garner compliments because it is one of a kind, as is all my work.

The actual wrap measures approximately 256 centimeters in length ( and approximately 52-55 centimeters in width.  I have averaged out the wrap width as it varies due to its lovely organic edge  I have created an undulating border in this organic design.  The wrap is reversible in this design.  You can see the background colours in a couple of the attached photographs as I used hand dyed cotton scrim as the foundation.   You can use this wrap either way so it presents a greater wearing presentation to suit.  The background is diagonal stripes.

The wrap has been made in the “cobweb” style as I have permitted the hand dyed cotton scrim to appear in places throughout.  Hold up this lovely wrap to the light and you will see the numerous places where the cotton scrim appears through the top design.  The poppies are large in construction; mainly pink and warm shades with red highlights.  The poppy petals have been constructed from hand dyed Mawata (stretched silk cocoon) “hankies” as they are know.  The hand dyeing process of silk takes a couple of days by itself.  Nothing is hurried.  The Mawata has fractured beautifully during the felting process.

The wrap weighs in at a very light 190 grams.  As with all my works, this is a one of a kind design.

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