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Mawata Silk “Hankies”


Mawata silk hankies for multi media applications. Hand dyed over the course of a day. Mulberry silk created from silkworm cocoons that have been stretched out to become gossamer thin.
A lovely fibre to use in a lot of textile applications such as knitting, spinning, crochet work, incorporating into a weaving project, felting and even onto the canvas for mixed media art and paper making projects.
Hand dyed with quality acid dyes.  (22.38 grams)

This unique colourway is “Pulsar Plus”; a lovely combination of rich purples and raspberry/plum. I have also added some pink tones to soften down the whole presentation. The colours blend beautifully. Each mawata silk I hand dye over the course of a day is one of a kind.

I use latex gloves when handling Mawata as it catches on any rough skin.  The latex gloves stop this happening.


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